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Change a life, Change a community.

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We're on a mission:

To break the cycle of addiction for adolescents and adults by providing the tools, support and hope for a lifetime of recovery.

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Your Help Makes a Difference.

Consider donating to those that need help.

Make a donation to help adolescents and adults in recovery. All funds are used to provide the foundation needed to help individuals break the cycle of addiction. We appreciate any and all donations.

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Change a Life, Change a Community

Change is possible.

We believe everyone needs a second chance.

Grace to Change utilizes a multi-model approach to counseling. Including psycho-educational groups, process groups and an eclectic blend of individual counseling techniques designed to meet each client’s specific need. Your recovery program is tailored just for you!

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About our Services

How we help those in need.

We are here to treat your drug and alcohol needs through Tailored Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Supportive Outpatient Treatment, Individual Counseling, Group Sessions and After Care Support. We also offer recurring drug testing and hair follicle analysis.

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